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Jac and Davina Castillo

The great state of TN

Jac is my son and he married Davina. Davina is beautiful inside and out. I am proud to call her my daughter-in law. Jac was raised with dogs, Davina was not.  They both have a compassion for animals and people. Jac is a youth pastor at a large church in Greeneville, TN. Davina is an account manager at a local Mennonite market. Jac has an great knowledge of dog behavior and has learned and is mentoring under my guidance. Eventually he will start his own lines, but for now he is learning how to be a good, ethical, breeder through Timberland Falls.


In December of 2020, they became the guardian home to Jovi.  Jovi was returned to us two weeks after arriving in her new home because the family was concerned that she had too much energy and was aggressive.  She had growled at them when they attempted to brush her coat. I immediately realized that it was going to be disastrous and neglectful of me to allow her to stay with this family. The family had never raised a puppy, but had rescued several adult dogs from the pound. I learned that sometimes people with dog knowledge get lucky with their pound dogs. Many dogs that come from the pound come with baggage that needs to be addressed. Apparently the dogs they received had already been rehabilitated. Needless to say, They were not a good match. Jovi was a beta with a touch of alpha. She was a beta that needed a strong leader as a puppy. The family didn't want to take my advice on how to handle her disposition. I took her back. I realized that she would make a great candidate for our breeding program. I had all the intentions of keeping her in my home as my dog, after all, Kizzy my favorite dog EVER was her mother and I was happy to keep a direct line.


It was Christmas time and everyone was at my sister's house including Jac and Davina. Davina always wanted a dog and had mentioned it often after they married. When they heard the story of Jovi, they immediately became very interested in her. It wasn't a hard decision to gift them Jovi.  I knew that this match was perfect. Jovi is a significant part of their family now. She is deeply loved and has become a dream of a dog. She has never shown one sign of aggression towards anyone. She has a groomer that adores her, and she has won over Davina's family. Especially Davina's mother who was the reason why she never had dog. She now not only keeps Jovi when Jac and Davina go out of town, but she spoils her with gifts.

We are so excited to add Jac and Davina to Timberland Falls. We typically do not allow our guardian homes to become an intricate part of our program, but it only made sense to extend our business to Jac and Davina. In doing so, we have a branch on the east coast and we a mentoring another ethical breeder that future families will be able to count on and trust.

Jac & Davina Castillo our Timberland Falls Goldendoodles TN branch team members
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