AKC miniature poodle TF goldendoodles


AKC High Soaring Sully of Pear Tree Rd

Meet Sully.  He is an AKC purebred small miniature poodle. He is also a character!  He loves socks.  He is quite obsessed with them.  In our home if a sock comes up missing we know that Sully has probably had a hand in it.  He is a very loving and attentive companion.  He enjoys being the center of attention and enjoys his cuddle time.  He is a faithful and devoted friend.  He loves to play with his toys and will spend endless hours playing fetch.  We are very happy to have him in our breeding program and his puppies are high in demand! 


Parfait Mischen's Kizzy

Kizzy is one of our very own.  She is out of Millie and Louis. I adore this sweet loving and gentle little miniature.  She is so much fun and super smart.  She adores my three year old granddaughter and follows her every where she goes. She has a mind of her own and for me that is perfect.  I love a dog that can think for herself and make good decisions...most of the time.  She is quick to obey and she will do anything for a toy or food. She does have one flaw....she's all dog.  As a pup, she would show her love for me by bringing me the cat's leftover love offerings.  Yes, I got at least one half eaten mouse brought into my home at least once a week, thankfully I haven't had the "pleasure" of disposing of a dead mouse in a while.  YUCK!  Needless to say, she was not allowed to give us kisses and still isn't, and she learned a very important command before entering our home from being outside, "Drop it!" We still say it to this day...cause you just never know with Kizzy.

Parfait Mischen's Bentley's Biscuit

Biscuit is adorable, mischievous, smart and cunning.    She is going to be used in the miniature multi-gene lines in the fall of 2020.  She will be undergoing testing prior to breeding and we will announce her results as her testing is completed. She is super smart and a thinker. There is nothing that doesn't get past her. She likes to escape and we have to be much smarter than her to keep her from getting out of our fence. Doesn't she realize it is for her own protection? Geesh!  I can tell you, she has been a challenge to contain. But currently I am winning the escape war which makes me happy.  However, I know that I will have to put my brain into action again because this girl is relentless and is bound and determined to find a way to escape. It is a very good thing she as me as a dog mom, because I am even more bound and determined to make sure she is safe! I do love a good challenge though and she definitely challenges my creative side. Biscuit is a carrier of Ich.  This means that her puppies will come with a strict spay neuter contract.   Because we are breeding her with a non-carrier, her puppies will never have this skin problem, but they will be carriers of it and as ethical breeders, we cannot with good conscience do any thing less.