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We have a unique and one of a kind deposit policy.
Your deposit is refundable with some stipulations.  Read more about it below. 


Deposits are $500 and are only accepted after your application is approved.  The remaining balance is due on puppy pick up day or delivery day.  We accept Cash (preferred), Zelle, or a cashier's check made out to Timberland Falls Goldendoodles for final payment. (NO PERSONAL CHECKS FOR FINAL PAYMENT) Also, for a 3% service fee we will accept PayPal unless you know how to use friends and family.


Deposits are accepted in good faith. The breeder is promising to hold a spot on the waiting list for a future puppy, and the buyer is promising to keep their part of the agreement and pay for a puppy.​ We are one of the FEW breeders who offers a refundable deposit (minus an 8%-time cost fee, your refund would equal $ 460.00). If you are specific in gender, and color and you have placed a deposit on a litter prior to puppy selection and we do not have a puppy of your specific choice when it is your selection time, you can elect to be placed at the top of the next waiting list or receive a refund (minus an 30%-time cost fee, your refund would equal $ 350.00). Your application must indicate that we do not have what you were seeking. Unfortunately, we will not take your word for it, this is why an application must be submitted and accepted prior to placing a deposit. We want you to get a dog that is the best fit for your family, and we recognize that it may well be through a Humane Society or another breeder. We understand that your plans may change after you’ve placed a deposit. So we’re happy to refund a deposit at any time for any reason (with the noted stipulations).


You failed to inform us of your decision to postpone or fall off the litter's waiting list before the puppy is four weeks old. We have this stipulation in order to make the puppy available for other families. If you neglect to inform us prior to the puppy turning four weeks of age and you do not wish to be placed on the next available litter, your deposit will become non-refundable at that time. Also, if you have decided to be placed on the next available litter and do not select from the litter, your deposit becomes non-refundable. 


When you pick up or we deliver your puppy to you and you pay the remaining balance in cash, we will return your deposit via Zelle.  This means that if you pay for your puppy in cash, you will receive a $500 discount. 


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