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About Me

"Breeding Has Changed Over the Years...and for the better!" 

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Jovi lives in Tn with my son, Jac and his wife

I strive to be the best and most reputable breeder of goldendoodles in the country. Breeding has changed vastly since my grandmother's day. Back in the mid 1900's, they would access a good breeding pair with their knowledge of the breed and the standard, health was just pure luck. Today, we have so many more valuable tools to make sure that our dogs are not only bred well in confirmation and temperament, but in health too. Because the goldendoodle is so new to the dog breeding world, we have been blessed to have health testing to make good choices when breeding. We have partnered with GANA. We spent several years to become a  gold level member of GANA.  Health is important to us.  We have also become a member of gooddog in excellent standing. Gooddog helps us stay up-to-date in the dog breeding world. Education is important to us. 

Although I focus on health, I also make temperament a very important part of my program. I will use the Volhard Puppy Aptitude test to help determine  and access temperaments. This testing is done once a puppy reaches 49 days old.  My husband Cliff wants me to remind you several times (his biologist degree) that animal temperament is very unpredictable because even though we test to determine the natural temperament tendencies, the puppy's environment, and owners will determine the ultimate outcome of their adult dog. I have blogs about this so please take the time to read them.  I only use what I believe is the best for my puppies. I do tons of research to make that happen. Each  pup will experience ENS from birth to two weeks, be micro-chipped, dewormed, and vaccinated in the appropriate time frame. After the 3rd week of life, we begin Puppy Culture.  We also begin a house-training routine with them and crate train them at night.  We provide photographs and videos of the puppies routinely so you can monitor their progress. Puppies are given a litter exam by our vet a few days prior to temperament testing and we will provide you with the results of the exam.

I grew up in Miami, FL in the 70's and 80's. In the mid 1900's Miami was still very southern and nothing like it is today.  My grandfather had a pony farm and I spent hours upon hours there with his menagerie of animals from monkeys to horses. He was a great horseman and knew horses inside and out. I was blessed indeed to call him granddaddy and I gleaned so much from his ability to read animals. My grandmother raised border collies and poodles. She gifted me when I was five years old with my very first poodle. I named her Christmas (Chrissy for short). As a child, I grew up with all kinds of animals, but dogs became my constant companions. In my home, they were family. We moved constantly as a child and our dogs went with us. We would never have lived in a place that didn't allow them (that was pretty hard to find in the 70's and 80's). My childhood dogs taught me about friendship, loyalty, responsibility, and love. They were the constants in my life, unchanging, and devoted.  There was NEVER a time in my life without a dog. I've loved and lived with several characters over the years and each time one departed, they took a little piece of me with them and in return they left me with valuable life lessons. It was only natural and predictive that I would follow in my grandmother's footsteps and choose to breed dogs.

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