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tf goldendoodle's warranty



1. Breeder guarantees that puppy has had proper care to date and has been checked by a veterinarian. Shot records will be furnished at time of purchase. If within 3 business days of receiving the puppy and he/she is examined by a reputable veterinarian and the health of the puppy is found to be at serious risk of euthanasia or death due to a congenital or genetic defect (existing at birth), owner shall notify breeder and provide a written statement from a licensed vet describing puppy's condition and shall return the puppy and papers to the breeder within three days of the examination. Breeder will replace puppy or refund the full price of the puppy (minus shipping fees). This does not include worms, fleas, mites, coccidiosis, giardia, or any other parasites as they are common in dogs and puppies.  Breeder assumes no responsibility for veterinarian or shipping fees.

2. Breeder is not responsible if puppy contracts a communicable disease after 72 hours leaving breeder's possession.

3. Breeder guarantees puppy against any congenital or genetic defects causing death of or making necessary euthanasia until 2 years of age. If NuVet is purchased under breeder  #52992 so that breeder can track usage, then an additional 2 year warranty will be given (4 years total). If this occurs then breeder will replace the puppy or refund the FULL price of the puppy (minus shipping). Breeder will not assume any veterinarian bills.

4. Breeder offers 2 year hip guarantee on any puppy found to have moderate or severely affected hip dysplasia (again, an additional 2 year warranty given with NuVet usage- 4 year total). The following applies: The puppy must have an x-ray by your veterinarian to confirm the diagnosis and it must be documented by an official OFA consultation.  If this occurs, the buyer will get 100% refund of purchase price (minus shipping fees& veterinarian fees) prior to two years of age. After two years of age a 50% refund of purchase price (minus shipping fees& veterinarian fees) will be given.

5. Breeder offers 2 year heart (extended to 4 years with NuVet usage) guarantee on any puppy found to have a severe heart murmur (Grade 5/6 or 6/6). The following applies: The puppy must have a canine cardiologist perform an echogram to confirm the diagnosis.

If this occurs the buyer will get 100% refund of purchase price (minus shipping fees& veterinarian fees) prior to two years of age. After two years of age a 50% refund of purchase price (minus shipping fees& veterinarian fees) will be given.

6. We reserve the right to have a second opinion from our veterinarian. We also reserve the right to acquire DNA to determine the dog or puppy as one of our lineages.

7. Breeder does not guarantee shedding, color, size, championship, training or temperament of any puppy.


1. To have puppy examined within 72 hours of purchase by a licensed veterinarian to validate puppy is healthy.

2. The puppy is not being purchased for resale and will never be sold to a person, pet shop, puppy mill or agent of same.

3. To provide all annual vet exams, to continue all required vaccine shots as recommended by their vet and proper vet care.  It is important the puppy has all puppy shots, and their yearly boosters. 

4. The Buyer is to spay females no earlier than 8 months of age before or after her first heat whichever comes first and neuter males between 10-15 months of age or genetic health guarantee will be voided. Health guarantee for hips, elbows, knees, and heart will be voided if spayed earlier than this guarantee has outlined.  Follow this link to understand why: Health Implications in Early Spay and Neuter in Dogs

5. To provide adequate housing away from the elements.  Buyer will have a fenced yard or kennel if the dog will be housed outside.  Your dog will NEVER be left on a chain.  The Buyer will groom, train, and care for this dog in the manner consistent with high quality animal husbandry.

6. That the Buyer will return their goldendoodle to Timberland Falls Goldendoodles if the Buyer is unable or unwilling for any reason to care for their goldendoodle (no refund to be given). Buyer agrees that they will never surrender their dog to a dog rescue, animal shelter or a friend/family member without permission from Timberland Falls Goldendoodles.

7. This agreement shall be deemed consummated in the county of Iredell, NC and shall be governed by the laws of the state of Washington.  If for any reason litigations should occur, the venue shall lie in Statesville, NC.  Breeder will not be responsible for any costs associated with this process. To be covered by this guarantee, the following conditions need to apply: Puppy must be owned by original owner named in this agreement.

In the case of sudden demise of puppy, breeder must receive a written notice of puppy's death from owner's vet, along with a necropsy report indicating cause of death.

We strongly recommended buyer to continue to give puppy 1 NuVet K9 Plus wafer each day until the puppy reaches 16 weeks old then we recommend that you begin giving 1 NuJoint DS Wafer. The K9 Plus wafer is a powerful antioxidant that gives a tremendous boost to the immune system to prevent skin and coat problems, and creates a defense against over fifty major diseases. The NuJoint DS  wafer contains precise percentages of Glucosamine, Chondroitin, Methysulfonymethane (MSM) and Vitamin C (Ester-C®) which will help support optimal joint health and mobility in dogs of all ages. This can only be ordered by calling 1-800-474-7044, order code #52992 or on our website, by clicking on the NuVet Logo. For less than 30 cents a day, you can insure your puppy's health. If you reference the number we have provided so that we can track your use for 4 years, we will extend our warranty on hips, elbows, eyes, and heart for an additional 2 years. (combined total of 4 year warranty)!

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