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NC Branch

 Quality Reputable Breeder in NC

Jill, Dustin, and Maelyn Hair


In May of 2021, I sold my home to my daughter Jill and her husband, Dustin.  Jill is a replica of me. She was hired at the ripe young age of 11 to be a dog trainer for a very large reputable kennel in Statesville, NC. She taught 6 week old puppies house-training skills. She was and still is very good at house-training puppies.


She always wanted a large dog and when she was 12 Charlie, our first and only standard poodle, came into our lives. We took Charlie to the UKC dog shows together.  Jill showed him in the conformation ring and Charlie won several blue ribbons with Jill by his side. She has him well trained. He knows commands in English and Spanish. He was a founding sire for our previously owned breeding partner Parfait Mischen Goldendoodles. Charlie is now 11 years old and still going strong. 


In 2020, Dustin married Jill and Charlie became a part of their home. Charlie did not like Dustin at first, but as time went on, he now has a deep respect and love for him. Charlie obeys Dustin quicker than Jill at times. Which peeves my daughter greatly.


For an surprise wedding gift, I purchased the newlyweds a puppy to add to our breeding program, Delta. They picked up Delta from the breeder on their way back from their honeymoon. Delta rode six hours back with them on a blanket in Jill's lap. She suckled the blanket all the way to NC. To this day, Delta's favorite past-time is suckling the corner of a blanket. Delta is an F1 miniature goldendoodle. We have been unsuccessful in breeding Delta, but hope to have a successful pairing between her and Bravo in 2025.  

Jill has been essential in helping me with my breeding program and has the exact same knowledge of dogs. She is intuitive when it comes to how to raise puppies and train them. She is an ethical breeder that I am happy to partner with and to share experiences and our knowledge banks. We make a great team and I am excited to have her as my NC branch.

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