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Why Timberland Falls Goldendoodles?

Reputation  Counts


We strive to be one of the best and most reputable breeders of goldendoodles in the country.  Breeding has changed vastly since we started in 2008. Back in the mid 1900's, breeders would access a good breeding pair with their knowledge of the breed and the standard, health was just pure luck. Today, we have so many more valuable tools to make sure that our dogs are not only bred well in confirmation and temperament, but in health too. Because the goldendoodle is so new to the dog breeding world, we have been blessed to have health testing to make good choices when breeding. We have partnered with GANA. We spent several years to become blue member breeders of GANA.  Health is important to us.  We have also become a member of gooddog in excellent standing. Gooddog helps us stay up-to-date in the dog breeding world. Education is important to us. 

Although we focus on health, we also make temperament a very important part of my program. We will use the Volhard Puppy Aptitude test to help determine  and access temperaments. This testing is done once a puppy reaches 49 days old.  As a precaution we would like to warn you that animal temperament is very unpredictable because even though we test to determine the natural temperament tendencies, the puppy's environment, and owners will determine the ultimate outcome of their adult dog. we have blogs about this so please take the time to read them.  We only use what we believe is the best for our puppies. We do tons of research and breeder educational seminars to make that happen. Each  puppy will experience ENS from birth to two weeks, be micro-chipped, dewormed, and vaccinated in the appropriate time frame. We begin a house-training routine with them and crate train them at night.  We provide photographs and videos of the puppies routinely so you can monitor their progress. Puppies are given a litter exam by our vet a few days prior to temperament testing and we will provide you with the results of the exam. You will always have a good understanding of your puppy and his health prior to take home.

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Quality Breeder

We are not your average breeder, we breed quality not quantity.  We have worked hard to have healthy, happy, and socialized goldendooodle pups.  Our puppies will have Puppy Culture early neurological stimulation, critical socialization, and desensitization training sessions. We have partnered with Good Dog and glean from their experts and courses on breeding and puppy rearing to keep current with the trends in health and training.


We have a program that focus' on the well-being and development of our puppies. In this program our goldendoodle puppies begin their first learning experiences.  The most important learning experience is socialization.  Our puppies begin socialization at 6 weeks of age.  We do not take our puppies outside our home until they have reached 6 weeks old and have received their first puppy shot.  It is a dangerous deadly disease ridden world out there and without the protection of vaccinations, they are very vulnerable to the parvo and distemper virus.  We keep a clean environment and do all that we can to ensure that our puppies are safe, healthy, and strong before we begin Puppy Academy.


At 6 weeks, we begin to take our puppies to many different places.  They will experience car rides, strangers, bigger dogs, and cats. Also at 6 weeks of age, our puppies begin house training.  This is a valuable experience for not only the puppies but for their new owners.  By the time our puppies leave us, they are beginning to have a strong understanding that the yard is the best place to relieve themselves. We will also send home with every new owner a house training manual. Our puppies are crate trained.  This form of house training is very effective. Another valuable experience they learn is learning to use the stairs.  Many puppies have a natural fear of stairs.  However by the time they leave us they are willingly climbing up the stairs and making a solid effort at going down them.  Going down takes a little more balance, but they nearly have it mastered by 8 weeks.

Each puppy has a distinct personality.  They are all unique in their own way.  Some are quiet and shy and others want to rule the roost.  Most puppies fall in between these extremes.  The question then becomes which puppy is right for me or my family and the answer is that all depends upon your own personality. We strive to match the right puppy with the right owners.  Therefore, we give our puppies the *Volhard's Puppy Aptitude Test (PAT) . This testing is done when the puppies are 49 days old.  Volhard has created a scoring system from 1-6 that consists of ten tests.  Each test is scored separately, and each test is done in consecutive order. We want you to have the right puppy for your home.  We want you to be happy with your newest addition.  Happy owners mean happy puppies.

It is our desire to not only bred well-tempered goldendoodles, but to give them the best start possible to go beyond our client's expectations. We are developing loyal companions and faithful friends. The key to our success is making sure our puppies are socialized, cared for, and loved. Also with us, you have a lifetime resource. We are here to take back one of our puppies if life circumstances arise and there is a sudden need. We are also here to support you as you go through puppy hood and beyond. We may not know all the answers, but we do have a good knowledge of goldendoodles and are happy to help you throughout your goldendoodle's life.

Here is a good reason to support a quality breeder: Responsible Breeders Reduce Abandonment


*Testing may be predictive but should not be construed as absolute given an animal's behavior ultimately depends upon internal, external, and environmental factors. And, the extent to which nature vs nurture influence and effect the ultimate behavior outcome irrespective of preliminary test results from a given point in time and the animal's life.


Refundable Deposit

We have one of the most flexible refundable deposit policies in the industry. Deposits are accepted in good faith. The breeder is promising to hold a spot on the waiting list for a future puppy, and the buyer is promising to keep their part of the agreement and pay for a puppy.​ We are one of the FEW breeders who offers a refundable deposit (minus an 8%-time cost fee, your refund would equal $ 460.00). If you are specific in gender, and color and you have placed a deposit on a litter prior to puppy selection and we do not have a puppy of your specific choice when it is your selection time, you can elect to be placed at the top of the next waiting list or receive a refund (minus an 30%-time cost fee, your refund would equal $ 350.00). Your application must indicate that we do not have what you were seeking. Unfortunately, we will not take your word for it, this is why an application must be submitted and accepted prior to placing a deposit. We want you to get a dog that is the best fit for your family, and we recognize that it may well be through a Humane Society or another breeder. We understand that your plans may change after you’ve placed a deposit. So we’re happy to refund a deposit at any time for any reason (with the noted stipulations).


You failed to inform us of your decision to postpone or fall off the litter's waiting list before the puppy is four weeks old. We have this stipulation in order to make the puppy available for other families. If you neglect to inform us prior to the puppy turning four weeks of age and you do not wish to be placed on the next available litter, your deposit will become non-refundable at that time. Also, if you have decided to be placed on the next available litter and do not select from the litter, your deposit becomes non-refundable.

Superior Health Warranty

We guarantee a puppy against any congenital or genetic defects causing death of or making necessary euthanasia until 2 years of age. If our recommended vitamin supplement is purchased, then an additional 2 year warranty will be given (4 years total). If a death occurs due to a congenital or genetic defect, then we will replace the puppy or refund the FULL price of the puppy (minus shipping). We will not assume any veterinarian bills.

Adaptable Waiting List

We never force a litter on you and you are able to select your puppy. When the time comes for puppy selection and you are not pleased with the availability in a litter, you are welcome to change to a different litter or a future litter. We do not select your puppy for you, but we will give you  guidance and help you in your decision making if you would like us to help.  See our deposit policy regarding the limitations of  moving your deposit to a future litter.


Adult Heath Screenings and Puppy Care

What health care is given to each puppy?

Each puppy is wormed bi weekly beginning at 2 weeks of age. At four weeks we begin weaning our puppies and they are started on Victor and NuVet. At 7 weeks each puppy is given their "puppy shot." The puppy shot will protect against distemper, adenovirus type 1 and 2, parainfluenza, and parvo. They are also given a microchip unless a new owner declines it prior to 7 weeks old.  Just prior to our temperament testing our puppies are seen by our vet.  A full puppy exam is performed on them including: eyes, knees, heart, teeth, hips, (boy parts), and a fecal float. We will immediately send you the results of the litter exam with the vet notes and disclose to you before puppy selection if a puppy is not in top health or if the vet has a concern. When a puppy stays with us for an extended period of time, we will continue to give booster shots on the recommended AAHA schedule. 

How do you take care of your puppies?

Our puppies have the best care before and after they are born and until they open their eyes they are exposed to ENS.  Prior to birth, our mothers are given probiotics and folic acid to ensure healthy pups. Our puppies are well-socialized as they develop mentally and physically.  Our puppies are raised and reared in our home, not a kennel or a dog barn. We are small enough to have quite places around our home for our dames to feel relaxed and at ease.  All puppies are kept next to our bed in a whelping box from birth until two weeks of age. We are helicopter parents until then.  This is a critical time. We rarely lose a puppy if it is born healthy,  it stays healthy. Any puppy that doesn't thrive will be taken from the litter and given our full around the clock attention. 

Puppies ready to go home have the following:​

  • Raised in a home, not a breeding kennel or dog barn.

  • Biosensor or Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS) as well as traditional handling imprinting

  • Puppy Culture Enrichment Program, shown to increase the size of a puppy's brain, increase their resilience to stress, and enhance their emotional stability. 

  • In-home and outdoor socialization with other in-home dogs, cats, birds, outside neighborhood children, safe dogs, urban city noises such as garbage trucks, air planes landing, distant train whistle, EMS sirens, etc.

  • Crate training started

  • House training started

  • All vaccines and wormings appropriate for their age

  • Microchipped 

  • Veterinarian health clearance exam

  • Temperament Testing at 7 weeks to give you a first hand knowledge of the early personality developing in your puppy and to help guide you with a sensory training needed (sound sensitive, startles easily, food aggression, dependent tendencies).

  • Handling for grooming and veterinarian care started

  • Experience with bath time

  • First grooming, including a sanitary trim

  • Lifetime breeder support—we will help you be successful with your puppy and for the life of the dog

What health screenings are done with your adult dogs?

Our goldendoodles are checked  every two years by a board certified ophthalmologist and have had normal results. They have OFA certificates for their eyes, hearts, knees, hips and elbows .  They have been DNA tested and cleared for the following: GR - PRA1, GR - PRA2, vWD1, NEwS, DM, and Ich.  Our goldendoodles have also been DNA tested for osteochondrodysplasia (normal). Our goldendoodles have been tested and cleared from PRA- prd -vWD1, NEwS, and DM (normal/normal) Please see each individual dog for further details. Health is important to us.  We have a warranty that protects your puppy against any congenital or genetic defects causing death of or making necessary euthanasia until 2 years of age. If NuVet is purchased under our breeder  #52992 so that we can track usage, then an additional 2 year warranty will be given (4 years total). If this occurs then we will replace your puppy or refund the purchase price. We will not assume any veterinarian bills.

Goldendoodles are like doughnuts, all are good, but some are just better than others...ours are better than others.     ~ Julia Turik 

Begin the Journey

Joining the TFG Family, Meeting, and Selecting Your Puppy

How do I join the TFG Family?         


It's as simple as ABC...

Our online application is streamlined for you convenience.  We want to get a basic feel of who you are and what you are looking for in a puppy . If we are a match and your application is approved, we will be in touch with you within 24 hours.

OKAY...Cheesy we know...but we needed a good "b" word for placing a refundable deposit, and nothing was even close to appropriate. BESTOW (entrust, impart, or invest) close as we could get to describing our deposit policy.  We want you to commit to us, but we also do not want to hold your deposit hostage. So we want you to bestow a $500 refundable deposit (which will go towards your final payment) prior to being committed to our waiting list

Once you fill out our puppy application and place a refundable deposit, we promise to commit to making your experience with us enjoyable, honest, transparent, and truthful.  We not only want you to be pleased with your puppy and us, but we want our puppy to be pleased with you too. We are here for the life-time of our puppy, and we will be responsive prior, during, and after you take one of our precious petite minis home. 

Timberland Falls is proud to be named as a top ethical Goldendoodle Breeder in NC by:

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