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 Airline Delivery Option with Human Companion:

We will gladly meet you at the CLT airport for no additional cost.  We will also be willing to travel to your area with the puppy via airline if you are not located in the surrounding area and cannot come to us. The round-trip ticket cost, airline approved carrier ($40.00), and the in-cabin pet fee ($100-$150 depending upon airline) will be solely at your expense.

East Coast Automobile Delivery Option:

We will bring a puppy to your home if you are located no more than 4 hours away from our home Troutman in NC. The cost to deliver a puppy to your home is $250.00 and the cost of gas.  We will also meet you up to 4 hours away from our location in any direction for the same terms. Further travel distances via automobile on the east coast may be negotiated. For northeast residents, we will also be glad to meet you halfway, however if the trip is longer than 4 hours, we will request hotel per diem of an additional $100.00.  Your puppy must be picked up on the day that we travel to meet you. We do not want to overnight a puppy in a hotel room.


Airline Shipping Policy:

We discourage and GREATLY dislike cargo shipping, but we know that there are times when it cannot be avoided. Please add an additional $500 for extended stay and $250 for a shipping cargo penalty. If we cannot agree/or arrange for us to bring a puppy to you via airlines or car and it is your inability to work within our schedule a cargo penalty will apply if you choose this option. We will do everything in our power to bring you your puppy, if it is something out of our power (i.e. covid) or it is our fault, we will not apply the cargo penalty. However extended stay may still apply. Puppies must be 10 weeks of age and weigh over 2 lbs. prior to shipping cargo. NO EXCEPTIONS. Travel costs are dependent upon the Airline carrier. Additional costs to shipping cargo include: health certificate ($100.00), airline approved carrier ($60.00), travel kit ($35.00). All airline travel fees and requirements will be solely at your expense.  We will not ship our puppies cargo during the months of May - October.

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Your puppy must be paid in full prior to shipment

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