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It is important for puppies to be placed in their forever homes between 8 and 9 weeks of age, to get established in your home and with your routines and accustomed to your training methods. However we understand that there will be times that the take home date for your puppy may not align just right with your timing for a puppy in your home and you will need us to keep a puppy a little longer. We are happy to offer Extended Stay if this need arises. Although we like our puppies to get in their forever homes and begin their life-long journey with their forever families as soon as possible, we are here for you if needed.

Extended Stay begins the Monday following the weekend your puppy turns 8 weeks old. That means if your puppy turns 8 weeks on the weekend (Saturday or Sunday), Extended Stay will begin on Monday. If your puppy turns 8 weeks old on Monday, you have until the following Monday to pick up without being charged our Extended Stay fee. We understand that weekdays (Monday - Thursday) are not always easy to make arrangements for travel, especially if we are meeting four hours out and we can only meet on weekends. Our Extended Stay Rate is $35 a day up to six days or $250.00 a week. Your puppy can stay up to 12 weeks of age with us.


The first week your puppy will stay with us will be the same for him since he was six weeks old... feeding, socializing, and house training. After the first week and into week 9, we will begin advanced training during their stay.  We offer this advanced training/socializing extension because we realize a puppy needs to begin learning as soon as possible. During his time with us, we will we will continue with the needed vaccinations to keep him UTD, socializing, house-training, and begin sit, come, down, off, and no. Of course everything we start with him is futile if you do not continue the training process.  Goldendoodles are quick studies and want to learn new commands. This makes training  a goldendoodle a fun and rewarding experience.


Since it is our goal to place our puppies in individualized care as soon as possible, we do our best to encourage you to either wait if the timing isn't right, or to make sure that you get your puppy into your home no later than 12 weeks of age. We offer the extended stay because we realize a puppy cannot be boarded at a kennel until he receive his rabies shot.  In NC, a puppy can receive his rabies shot at 12 weeks of age.  We want puppies to get into their new home and bond with their person(s) as soon as possible, so we will not extend the boarding/training/socializing beyond 12 weeks of age.  Sadly if a puppy birth is not agreeable to your time table. we will not be able to work with you. 

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