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 Mr. Scented Breezes Blue 

Therapy and Emotional Support Dog Potential

Birthday:     May 30, 2021

Ready:         July 25, 2021

Parents:       Kizzy/Sully

Size:              Petite Miniature F1bb (15+lbs)

Gender:       male

Coat:            Wavy Curl


Volhard Testing Results*: MOSTLY 3's ~BETA ~ MODERATE ENERGY

He is a great puppy, pick of the litter with the boys! He has a strong play drive, and loves social interactions. He is very loving and has a desire to please. He is very people oriented and he is quick to adapt to a new environment.  He has a very good recall. He is smart and will be easy to train since he is both toy and food focused.  He does has a medium energy level. A fun-loving boy that would make a great emotional support dog or therapy dog. He will do just fine in any home and environment. 


*Testing may be predictive but should not be construed as absolute given an animal's behavior ultimately depends upon internal, external, and environmental factors. And, the extent to which nature vs nurture influence and effect the ultimate behavior outcome irrespective of preliminary test results from a given point in time and the animal's life.


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