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Life Changes

Our house is complete and we are now relocated to Colville, WA.


For Every Season

Turn, Turn, Turn,

2021 was a year of many changes and exercising my flexibility. I was diagnosed with breast cancer (currently winning the battle), I turned over my breeding partnership fully to my daughter in law and began Timberland Falls. With Timberland Falls I plan on focusing on petite miniature goldendoodle puppies. I left my secretarial job with the Christian school that I was employed with for over 16 years, I got married in April and in June of 2021,  I moved to Martinsburg, WV then in August of 2022 back to NC while my husband moved to WA. We spent a year and a half apart. He had to move into a small apartment in Spokane and I had to move in with my daughter because of the dogs. I stopped breeding for the remaining part of 2022 and all of 2023.


Cliff worked tirelessly of the past year motivating our contractor.  We are still not finished with our home, but we have enough completed to move into the construction. It has taken nearly 2 1/2 years. (If you live nearby and are considering building a new custom home, I can tell you who NOT to hire). We are now living here in the construction zone to put a fire under our excuse making contractor. We think all will be complete by May of 2024.


Thankfully flexibility is in my nature. Being flexible makes us very easy to work with, we will accommodate any location within the continental United States. We have very flexible schedules and because of this we do not charge extra for our personal time. We only ask that you pay for any travel fees associated with the trip (i.e. FLYING: round trip airline ticket, in-cabin pet fee, airline carrier, airport parking DAY ROAD TRIP: gas, car rental, tolls OVER NIGHT ROAD TRIP: gas, car rental, hotel, tolls. 


Colville, WA 

This is our view from the 40 mountainous acres that we own in Colville. WA.  Colville is  on the eastern side of the Cascade Mountains. It is an hour and 45 minutes NW of Spokane, WA and  just 30 minutes south of the Canadian border.  We begin building our new home in September of 2021. We expect to be finished in May of 2024 (with much pray and fingers crossed).


Road trips in the winter here may not be possible, so winter puppies will be flown out of Spokane, WA (with me) to their new homes. This southern girl was surprised that the passes were closed during the winter months and (emoji with shoulders shrugged). Southern natives do not know this. Roads only close when there is an accident and it only a few hours. LOL!

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