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Cliff Turik

About Him

Quality Reputable Breeder

Cliff and I were married on April 3, 2021. This is our second chance to get it right. I believe in serendipity and Cliff believes in chance, either way, we found each other. This page is dedicated to my better half, the love of my life and my forever best friend, and more importantly my husband, Cliff Turik. 

Cliff studied and received a master's degree in biology at the University of Ohio...Go Buckeyes! He has a deep knowledge of animal habitats, behaviors, and physical characteristics of animals, He takes great care of making sure that our puppies are given the best of care. We only use what we believe is the best for our pups and Cliff does tons of research to make that happen. Each  pup will be micro-chipped, dewormed, and vaccinated in the appropriate time frame. We begin a house-training routine with them and crate train them at night.  We provide photographs of the puppies every two weeks so you can monitor the litter's progress. Puppies get a litter exam by our vet a few days prior to temperament testing and we will provide you with the results of the exam. 

Julia and Clifford Turik
Clifford Turik

Cliff grew up in New Franklin, OH. He was born in PA but at the early age of 4 years old, he and his family moved to Franklin and never left. He grew up in a stable home with two younger sisters. He has always been ambitious and he graduated with honors from both is high school and Ohio State. After graduation he became a biologist for the Department of Agricultural and worked closely at building viable wildlife habitats. Cliff adopted a two week old kitten and bottle fed him. Cliff tried for weeks to think of a name for his new companion, but it wasn't until that fateful day when Crash jumped from his shoulders and tumbled down the stairs that Cliff KNEW what to name him. In truth Crash named himself.  Cliff and Crash were companions for over 13 years. Cliff adored him and took very good care of Crash.  When Crash was 8 years old he developed COPD. Cliff did an amazing job being his caretaker. Crash needed medication on a daily basis. The medication was very bitter, yet Crash would take it.  However he would only take it from Cliff. They had a very special bond. On April 9 2020, Crash's COPD overtook his health and he died in Cliff loving arms.  Cliff is a nurturing, caring, and gentle care taker. I am blessed to have him come along side of me and help me with my dogs and their puppies.

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