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We are so glad you have visited us today!

Put on your hiking boots and come explore and discover what makes Timberland Falls Goldendoodles a touch above the rest.

Begin the Journey

How do I become a part of the TFG family?   

It's as simple as ABC

Our online application is streamlined for you convenience.  We want to get a basic feel of who you are and what you are looking for in a puppy . If we are a match and your application is approved, we will be in touch with you within 24 hours.

OKAY...Cheesy we know...but we needed a good "b" word for placing a refundable deposit, and nothing was even close to appropriate. BESTOW (entrust, impart, or invest) close as we could get to describing our deposit policy.  We want you to commit to us, but we also do not want to hold your deposit hostage. So we want you to bestow a $500 refundable deposit (which will go towards your final payment) prior to being committed to our waiting list

Once you fill out our puppy application and place a refundable deposit, we promise to commit to making your experience with us enjoyable, honest, transparent, and truthful.  We not only want you to be pleased with your puppy and us, but we want our puppy to be pleased with you too. We are here for the life-time of our puppy, and we will be responsive prior, during, and after you take one of our precious petite minis home. 

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